Do you want to choose digital marketing as your career in 2024? Or do you have a question about how to start a career in digital marketing in 2024?

If Yes, then you are at the right place and have chosen a better career option. In this blog, we will tell you about digital marketing, how to start it, how it starts and other factors.

What is digital marketing?

So before starting the blog, let us know what digital marketing is and why people like to make it their career.

So if I explain it to you in simple language, marketing any product or service online is called digital marketing, no matter what platform it is on the internet like Google, social media apps, or YouTube.

See, there are many benefits of online marketing - if I tell you with an example, in traditional marketing a person has to go from place to place to market any content.

But a digital marketer can market a product or service from anywhere, even if the person is sitting in India, he can market it to any corner of the world.

How to start Digital Marketing in 2024

Maybe you must have understood what digital marketing is, so now let me tell you how to start Digital Marketing in 2024. 

See, every person who uses the Internet is a digital marketer, no matter for what purpose he does it, only the person who converts the use of the Internet into marketing is called a digital marketer.

We have discussed some points below, understanding that you can start online marketing and take advantage of your internet use.

  • Learn The Use of the Internet

  • Learn The Basics of Digital Marketing

  • Start Your Website

  • Spend your time in Experiment

  • Learn Search Engine Optimization

  • Learn Google Ads

  • Learn Social Media

  • Work As a Digital Marketing Intern

  • Stay with New Updates And Keep Learning

  • Learn Digital Marketing tools

Learn The Use of the Internet

Your first step is to understand the use of the Internet. If you want to start digital marketing in 2024, then first of all stop using the Internet unnecessarily, and understand what is the correct use of the Internet. 

As soon as you understand its use, you will understand 50% of digital marketing. Using the internet is not just about scrolling on social media all day long, in today's time kids are earning money through it, so why not you?

Learn The Basics of Digital Marketing

After this, your job is to understand the basics of digital marketing, although it has more than 20 modules, if you want to become a successful digital marketer, then initially you will have to understand the basics of all its modules. 

Look, it will take you a lot of time to master all the modules but initially, you will have to start from the basics and master one module.

Start Your Website

To start digital marketing, after knowing all the basic things, you have to start with a website. First of all, you will have to create a website, this is the first step of practical experience. 

As an expert I advise you, if you want to start online marketing then create the website according to your interest, if you are interested in fitness then work on your niche from the beginning.

Spend your time in Experiment

Another name of online marketing is experiment, you have to experiment with everything. If you want to become a successful marketer, then you will have to do different tests in your career.

The more you experiment, the more you will understand things and the further you will go in this field and this is also necessary for a practical experiment.

All the big marketers did not get success from just one website, they reached that point today by experimenting on at least 100-200 websites.

Learn Search Engine Optimization

Now that you've learned how to create your website and have it the way you want it, your next step is to get it ranked on search engines. Unless a website is ranked or has SEO, that website is of no use.

You have to take your website to the first position for which you have to learn search engine optimization and not only for the website but it will help you in every way no matter if it is 20.

Learn Google Ads

Let us admit that it is a bit difficult to rank in search engines, but now you will have to bring traffic to your website, otherwise your design will go to waste. Don't worry, Google ads will help you in driving traffic to your website.

Your next step will be to understand Google Ads, not only to drive traffic but if you have created a business website or e-commerce store then only ads will help you for instant sales.

Learn Social Media

Now if you want to become a digital marketer then you will have to learn not only Google but also social media, because today 70% of people like to spend all their time on social media. You can also become a good influencer by taking advantage of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, if you do not want to be then no problem, you can also create the social media pages of your website, which will also be your practice and you will get their algorithms will also be understood.

Work As a Digital Marketing Intern

After completing all these tasks, you will have to do an internship with a reputed digital marketing agency like DigiDeity to understand the advanced level. Look, if you get all the information given above then you will become a digital marketer, but if you want to learn advanced then I would advise you to do an internship once for practical knowledge which will prove to be very beneficial for you.

Stay with New Updates And Keep Learning

The work of a digital marketer is not limited to just creating a site or getting it ranked, but it should also be up to date. You have to follow the market trend and do market research from time to time.

Learn Digital Marketing tools

The last point is also very important, you will have to perform different marketing practices for each type of customer in your practical life. If you want to become an SEO expert then you should know how to use tools like analytics, console, and tag manager, and if you do not want to become an ads expert then you should know tools like keyword research or planner.


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